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Take our frozen dumplings home with you today. to create delicious no fuss appetisers
What critics say about our - Pork and Prawn Dumplings

Our frozen dumplings are available to purchase in the restaurant!
Cooking time is 12 minutes in the boiling water. ( No Steamers Required )

Presented in a pack of a kilo 
( pork $30 / prawn $40 / mixed $35 )
Please call to place an order.

Susan Kurosawa - The Weekend Australian

To start, we share a platter of delicious little translucent dumplings with golden-fried bottoms,plump with diced prawns, minced pork and crisp, cool Chinese celery. Each one is a perfect mouthful.

Simon Thomsen - Sydney Morning Herald

A plate of four pork dumplings is spectacularly good. They're the biggest, fattest moneybags, fragrant with ginger, shallot and chives, in smooth, pale and fine pastry. A vinegary chilli dipping sauce goads things along.

Franz Scheurer - Australian Gourmet Pages

If you view dumplings as something you eat at yum cha to fill the gap before the duck arrives, then you’ve never tasted Jade’s prawn dumplings. Gelatinous, delicate, translucent morsels, where the salty-sweet, sea flavour of the prawn dominates and the wrapper adds to the textural sensation, making it a gooey, yet resistant-to-bite, delicacy. The best thing about these dumplings is that you can buy them to take home,with clear instructions on how to cook them. They’ll disappear so fast you won’t believe it.

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Take Home Frozen Party Pack

For 2 people $30

(Pork Dumplings, Prawn Dumplings, Prawn Rolls, Vegetarian Spring Rolls)